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You can’t convict what you can’t confirm…

Welcome to where you can explore the world of 12-year-old thief Jaxter Grimjinx and his infamous family of rogues.  Every month, you’ll find new and original content unique to this site to immerse yourself in the Five Provinces. You can:

  • Read about the most daring heists by the most famous Grimjinxes in the Family Album.
  • Unscramble the Grimjinx family code to learn behind-the-scenes secrets about the creation of the book.
  • Delve into Forbidden Knowledge about the Great Uprisings and unlock the secrets of the past.
  • Search for clues about upcoming books in the series and more!

And remember what the ancient par-Goblins said: retanna gell harsa, suria gell elmok! (A smart thief is a rich thief.)